6 Feb 2020 - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo
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 Author Name:  Eric
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*February 2, 2020*

*This past week we felt an overall
cooling trend, scattered cloud cover,
variable winds, strong at times,
predominately out of the north, high
temperatures reaching into the lower
70s. We are in the midst of winter
season now, so these cooler conditions
are not unusual, we expect similar
weather through the month of February,
which is always known to be full of
unpredictable patterns. Local resorts
are now seeing large crowds of
tourists, though not a high percentage
of them are serious anglers. This is
a common scenario, as this time frame
is not the peak season for most of
the highly sought after game fish.*

*The all-around fishing action slowed
this past week, with cooler and gusty
ocean conditions being the major
factor. Best action out of San Jose del
Cabo seemed to be straight out front,
from Palmilla to the Hotel Zone and
north towards Punta Gorda. The grounds
to the north, where fleets do
regular concentrate their efforts, have
been turned over with greener
cooler currents, better looking water
and more schooling baitfish are
presently right off of the Marina
entrance. Ocean is now in the 70 to 71
degree range through most of the
region, the coolest currents are near
Frailes and are pushing further south
every week.*

*Off of San Jose del Cabo there
continued to be sizable schools of
and sardineta reported, also more black
skipjack moving in on these same
grounds. Bait vendors have limited
supplies of caballito, ballyhoo and
slabs of squid. *

*The yellowfin tuna action stalled out
through the week, also dorado became
scarcer with each passing day. Early in
the week a few wahoo were reported,
also more dorado, but as week
progressed with not so ideal
ocean temperatures cooled and surface
action slowed way down. Billfish was
very slow as well, some days the
striped marlin would be more active,
the very next day they could not be
found, again more consistent early in
the week.*

*Not much going close to shore, a
handful of sierra, a few roosterfish,
though the cooler off colored current
slowed that action way down. There
had been mid-morning frigate bird
activity followed, with feeding dorado
found close to shore, but that action
faded, we hope that as weather
settles and we see a slight warming
trend, that action will improve.*

*Currents were swift, but there was a
mix of bottom fish being found, not
large fish, but a few quality leopard
grouper to 15 lb., yellow snapper,
with other pargo and cabrilla species.*

*The weather patterns in the coming
weeks will be a factor as for how the
fishing action shapes up.*

*The combined sportfishing fleet
launching out of the panga area from
Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out an
estimated 58 charters for the week and
anglers reported an approximate fish
count of: 10 striped marlin, 29
dorado, 1 yellowfin tuna, 6 wahoo, 32
sierra, 8 roosterfish, 13 cabrilla, 9
bonito, 32 red snapper, 12 yellow
snapper, 4 barred pargo, 1 halibut, 1
yellowtail, 2 amberjack and 26

*Good Fishing, Eric*

Eric Brictson / Operator
619 488-1859
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