16 Mar 2016 - GORDO BANKS PANGAS San Jose del Cabo Anglers February 28, 2016
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San Jose del Cabo


February 28, 2016

This past week conditions cooled off slightly over the previous week. Still
plenty of warm sunshine for the moderate crowds of visitors, highs reaching
into the mid 80s, lows in the 50s.

North winds resided some, switched from the south at times. Currents were
very strong at times, water was clear and blue within a mile of shore,
water temperatures, ranged from 72 to 75 degrees, warmer currents found

Last weekend and through the start of this week we saw pelagic red crabs
appear on the local fishing grounds, this created excitement, especially
for the commercial fleets, these little crustaceans make excellent baits
for red snapper, which is the bread and butter of the local commercial
panga fleets. They were first seen on the Outer Gordo Bank, later on
further north, but then current became swifter and these crabs did not come
to the surface, which is the only way they can be caught, with nets when
they are up top. So bottom action was the main deal this past week, even
the sportfishing fleets were getting in on this action. A handful of nice
amberjack to over 50 lb. were also accounted for, quite a few leopard group
as well, a few of them over 20 lb. Many variety of snapper, the huachinango
(true Pacific red snapper), yellow snapper, barred pargo, tijaretas, etc
Lots of triggerfish. Also one black sea bass of 45 b., a very rare catch
for our area, this sea bass ate a red snapper that was being reeled in.

Very few dorado or wahoo, just an occasional fish or two being found.
Inshore water where these fish had been holding cooled off, and we were
dealing with a bright full moon. Striped marlin became very scattered, just
a few fish being found, no larger concentrations. The schools of mackerel
and sardinetas became more scattered this week as well. Most charters were
using either strips of squid, caballito, ballyhoo, with some mackerel and
sardinetas when available.

Little inshore action found, mainly smaller sized roosterfish and a few
stray sierra. Not much inshore bait activity to attract numbers of gamefish
at this time. Still no signs of any sardinas in the area.

Yellowfin tuna were limited to a few fish in the vicinity of Iman Bank or
La Fortuna, these fish were hitting on striped squid, the ongoing sea lion
problem continued, most of these inshore tuna were in the 15 to 25 lb.
range, anglers were fortunate to land one or two. This whole winter we have
had a bonus of finding yellowfin tuna, this during the season when we would
normally not see many of these fish, this has been an odd year, with water
temperatures being warmer than normal, has changed all of the normal
migrations, even the whales are scarcer this season.

In recent days there have been a few yellowfin taken offshore of San Jose
del Cabo, associated with rapidly moving schools of porpoise, these were a
nicer grade of yellowfin, in the 100 to 150 lb. class, though only a few
fish all together were landed, but it is encouraging that we are seeing
this, could be the start of something more consistent.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos
Marina sent out approximately 82 charters for the week, with anglers
reporting a fish count of: 1 black sea bass, 4 striped marlin, 4 wahoo, 40
yellowfin tuna, 5 dorado, 9 amberjack, 35 cabrilla (leopard grouper), 185
huachinango, 56 yellow snapper, 12 barred pargo,7 sierra, 16 roosterfish,
12 rainbow runner,14 parrot fish, 12 bonito, 15 hammerhead shark (released)
and 110 triggerfish.

Good fishing, Eric

Eric Brictson / Operator
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